Privacy Details

To make things short: I don't care about your data and only the necessary minimum is saved

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Short Version:

Your Adsense data is only saved on your device. Your device does communicate with your AdSense account directly. I do not see or save your credentials, or see or save any of your AdSense Data

Long Version:

In order to access the AdSense API (which is required to get your daily income) you will need to login with your Google AdSense account. For this, the official Google Login SDK is used which hides your credentials that you enter from the App completely. In order to provide (temporary) access, a token is generated which allows repeated access to the AdSense API. This token must be saved, otherwise you'd have to login every time you access the App. The token is only saved on your local device. This token is an anonymized string which hides who you are, only Google knows this.

Regarding the data which is collected by Google, please see the Google Privacy Details


The Website does not use analytics or tracking of any form. When visit the site, your IP Adress is stored at the hoster just like on every other webpage you visit

Since we use the Twitter Bootstrap plugin the bootstrap file is downloaded from when you access this site. This means that


In case you send me an Email with the feedback / contact functionality, your email address will be saved in my Email Server I will not give your address to anyone else, or contact you besides answering your request for feedback

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