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Keep Your Phone Safe While Riding the Trails With 50% Off This Bike Mount

This $9 phone holder is highly adjustable to accommodate most handlebars and popular phone types.


Tired of getting lost on your bike route or having to pull over on the roadside every time you want to switch your playlist? Then we've got a deal you'll want to check out. This Lamicall adjustable handlebar phone mount is a simple, compact solution. Right now you can pick it up for just $9 -- half off the original price. It's already discounted by a few dollars, but you can use the promo code LAMICALLCN at checkout to get the full savings.

This phone mount is practically universal. The holder itself can accommodate phones from 4.7 to 6.8 inches long, which is enough space to fit most phones along with their cases, including popular models like the iPhone 13 and the new Samsung Galaxy S22

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The handlebar ring mount is equally adjustable, with multiple removable silicone pads to accommodate different thicknesses. The phone mount is also spring loaded, which allows for easy one-handed mounting and removal and makes sure your phone will stay snuggly in place, even on bumpy terrain. 

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